Giovanni Di Pino

Giovanni Di Pino is MD/PhD, Neurologist, Associate Professor of Human Physiology and Head of the “NeXT: Neurophysiology and Neuroengineering of Human-Technology Interaction” Research Unit at Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.

Giovanni Di Pino current fields of interest regard clinical neurophysiology and neuro-engineering and all the possible matches.

Giovanni Di Pino is primarily involved in:

  • Clarifying the mechanisms at work behind the sensorimotor control loop and the brain representation of the hand
  • Developing neural interfaces to control sensorized cybernetic prostheses and to improve bioelectronic hybridity, with particular attention to related brain plasticity.
  • Investigating which features in an artificial limb favor its embodiment and the related brain processes subtending the embodiment.
  • Developing novel methods for noninvasive neuromodulation in health and disease.

He received the Medical Degree (cum laude and honour mention) in 2003 at Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and the PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 2010, Master thesis on “Bidirectional peripheral-nerves interfaces for hand prosthesis control” (mark 100/100).

He worked in Italian and American Laboratories mainly involved in studying the mechanisms and molecules proper of neural interfacing, neurostimulation, neuroplasticity, neurodevelopment and neurophysiological intracellular recording.

In 2001 and 2002 he was internal research fellow in the Department of Neurobiology at the University of Pittsburgh.

He co-authored more than 60 peer-reviewed articles, mostly as first or senior author, and 2 book chapters.

Research profile on:

He is European Research Council Starting Grant 2015 grantee with the project RESHAPE: REstoring the Self with embodiable HAnd ProsthesEs.

He is P.I. of ENABLE: Empowering Novel Augmentation Body Limb Embodiment. Procedura per l’attuazione dell’intervento FARE Ricerca in Italia: Framework per l’attrazione ed il rafforzamento delle eccellenze per la Ricerca in Italia.

He is co-P.I. of:

  • PDMeter – Daily at-home follow-up of Parkinson’s Disease patients motor performance through robotic and portable devices
    Bando 2011 Ricerca Finalizzata e Giovani Ricercatori, funded by the Italian Ministry of Health
  • PCR 1/2: Nuove metodiche, nel trattamento delle amputazioni di arto, finalizzate all’applicazione di protesi bioniche” funded by the Italian Workers Compensation Authority (INAIL)

He is involved in “PPR AS 1/3: Evoluzione di un sistema impiantabile per il controllo della protesi di arto superiore con interfacce neurali invasive, con interfacce wireless” funded by the Italian Workers Compensation Authority (INAIL)

He actively contributed to the follow scientific programs:

European Community

    • Neurobotics–The fusion of neuroscience and robotic FP6-IST-001917
    • The CYBERHAND Project [IST-2001-35094] Development of a CYBERnetic HAND prosthesis
    • TIME  [FP7-ICT-224012]  Transverse, Intrafascicular Multichannel Electrode system for induction of sensation and treatment of phantom limb pain in amputee
    • EVRYON– Evolving Morphologies for human-robot symbiotic interaction
    • TACT – Tought in ACTion [15636 NEST]
    • IM-CLEVER – Intrinsically Motivated Cumulative Learning Versatile Robots [FP7-ICT-IP-231722]

European Space Agency

    • BMI2–Brain-MachineInterfacesInfrastructure
    • Biotechnology for human space exploration
    • Machine-Animal Hybrid Controller [ACT-RPT-BIO-ARI-07-6301]

Italian Ministry of Education Universities and Research – MIUR

    • HandBot – Biomechatronic Hand Prostheses Endowed with Bioinspired Tactile Perception, Bi-directional Neural Interfaces and Distributed Sensorymotor Control
      PRIN – Programmi di ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale 2010 [CUP: B81J12002680008]
    • SafeHand – Design and Experimental Analysis of a Cybernetic Prosthetic Hand
      PRIN – Programmi di ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale

Italian Ministry of Health

    • Nemesis-NEurocontrolled MEchatronic prostheSIS
      Bando 2009 Ricerca Finalizzata e Giovani Ricercatori

Italian Workers Compensation Authority (INAIL)

    • PPR2: Controllo della protesi di arto superiore con interfacce neurali invasive


    • BrainHand – Campus Bio-Medico University Internal Grant
    • TransDisc – Campus Bio-Medico University Internal Grant 2015

He has been official reviewer for:

Associate Editor for:

He is:

      • Invited expert for REA-FET-OPEN, Horizon 2020, European Commission.
      • Reviewer for the United Kingdom Medical Research Council, ZonMw – The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development.

He is member of:

      • Societa’ Italiana di Neurologia (SIN)
      • Societa’ Italiana di Psicofisiologia e Neuroscienze Cognitive (SIPF)
      • Lega Italiana Contro l’Epilessia (LICE)


      • Awarded by Italian Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin for special scientific merits.
      • Enlisted among the 50 people to follow in the 2016 by the prestigious journal “WIRED“.
      • Winner of the third edition of Premio Italia Giovane for the category Biomedical Research. Premio Italia Giovane has been awarded with the “alta medaglia” by the Italian Presidente della Repubblica. The Price is given each year to the ten best Italian young excellence.
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  1. MARION François says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am glad to have my son Antoine working with you for a few months on such higly interesting and useful subjects.
    He will certainly do his best at your side !
    Yours sincerely
    François Marion

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